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Hydrangea Lime Green

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Every landscape deserves a show-stopping plant that earns the neighbourhood's envy. Limelight panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight') is just the shrub to fill the bill. While other hydrangeas stick to pink, purple or blue blooms, Limelight shines with massive, pale-lime flower clusters—and it's easy to care for, too. 

Sold in bunches of 5 stems, of approximately 60 cm lengths.

Caring for your Hydrangeas:

1) Choose wisely! If you have a warm or particularly sunny house these are not the ideal flower for you.

2) If you are looking at them in a shop gently give the blooms a quick, gentle squeeze - they should feel a bit like kale, kind of hard and crunchy is ideal. The darker the color of the petals the crunchier it should feel.

3) When you get them, cut the stems on an angle and if possible cut an x in the bottom of the stems - then put them in a vase with cold fresh water (and if you can pop some ice in there that would be even better). Remove all unnecessary foliage. They also don’t like having water dropped on their petals!

4) Choose your vase keeping in mind the need to support the heavy blooms, and that they need space to breath. When you choose a location to put your vase, keep them away from blowing AC vents, and doors outside - they don’t like hot gushes of air or to be in direct sunlight.

5) Keep cutting the stems and refreshing the water every two or three days.

6) Keep an eye on them, hydrangeas show you very quickly if they are not happy! If they start to wilt most likely they are too warm. Put them in your fridge, pop ice in the vase, and keep them in a cold room overnight

If the same flowers were not available, we will provide options with something similar and of the same value. All flowers are natural, hence there might be slight differences in terms of colors, size, and shape.

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